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The Strategies

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Connecting Fathers

This strategy shares resources with fathers in the communities serves and with other community stakeholders. 


Improving Relationships

This strategy focuses on improving relationships between parents and between fathers and agencies to promote and support father engagement.

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Reclaiming the Narrative

This strategy focuses on developing and distributing original programming across all of our partner social media and podcast outlets to promote and support fatherhood and father engagement.  


Reaching Fathers

This strategy focuses on the development and implementation of events/activities that are creative and effective in engaging fathers and supporting them with resources.

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Supporting Inner Healing

This strategy focuses on addressing the mental and emotional health of fathers through resources and events.

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Addressing Mass Incarceration

This strategy is establishing a network and referral system of providers to help fathers who have been involved in the justice system.

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Implementing Father-Friendly Policies

This strategy builds our capacity to address policies that impact fathers and their families in Georgia. Policy priorities include shared parenting, legitimation, child support, and Medicaid expansion.

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