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The Vision

Develop a System that Serves Fathers as Well as it Serves Moms and Babies

A multi-sector team of leaders in the community, academia, and health and human services work together to realize the vision through seven strategies:


  • Connecting Fathers to Resources and to Each Other

  • Reaching Fathers

  • Improving Relationships (Between Men & Institutions; Between Co-Parents)

  • Supporting Inner Healing

  • Reclaiming the Narrative

  • Addressing Mass Incarceration

  • Implementing Father-Friendly Policies


Annual Roosevelt Muhammad Fatherhood Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit 1.png

Every year, we have our Fatherhood Leadership Summit to review Fathers Matter ATL’s accomplishments and plans for the current year. Thank you to everyone who joined us for another successful summit. We had awesome presentations by our Fathers Matter ATL Leaders on the great work we've done this past year. 

Atlanta's Mayor Andre Dickens joined us to share greetings. Our 2023 Roosevelt Muhammad Fatherhood Leadership Award Winner, Feliciano Lewis, gave an encouraging message. Mrs. Ermine Muhammad and family joined us to receive a special gift and give this year's Fatherhood Leadership Award to Brother Carl Route.


Community Action Day.jpeg

The 2nd Annual Roosevelt Muhammad Community Action Day will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. All fathers and families are welcome!

All organizations and partners with resources for those who have been involved with the justice system and their families are welcome to join us! 



Fathers Matter ATL is continuing to work on aligning systems, identifying resources, and identifying barriers to address homelessness among custodial Black fathers. We joined the Unite Us GA Network and hoping to help fathers who are experiencing homelessness get housing.

If you are a father or know a father who is experiencing homelessness, please contact us. 

mental health resource list.png


Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

This monthly calendar features various programs and events that are catered to fathers and their children.


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